Golden Fleece
Odyssey Publications
Year :
Book No. : Odyssey Publication 4
Edition : 1st 
Format : Booklet
Pages : 128
Cover art : Harold S. Delay
Illustrations : Harold S. Delay, Maurice Archbold Jr.,
H. W. McCauley
, Cedric W. Windas
  Golden Fleece  
Other editions:  None

"Gates of Empire"
Non-REH Content
"Lords of the Tideless Sea"  by H. Bedford-Jones
"The Fire-Master" by Seabury Quinn
"Ariadne Speaks" by Clyde B. Clason
"Dervish Gold" by Don Wimmer
"Little Lost Republic" by Harry Van Demark
"Pioneers of the Posts" by Willaim Tibbetts Brannon
"Fate" by Cedric W. Windas
The Round Table
Edited by William H. Desmond, Diane M. Howard,
John R. Howard, and Robert K. Wiener
The cover art is from the February 1939  issue of GOLDEN FLEECE.
Facsimile reprint with the original pulp illustrations.
"Gates of Empire" is illustrated by Harold S. Delay
All of the reprinted stories originally appeared in GOLDEN FLEECE, but they are not from the same issue.