The Golden Caliph, Volume 1 Number 1
Robert E. Howard
Year : ca. August 1923
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook (8.5 x 11, loose sheets)
Pages : 4
Cover art : Text
Illustrations : None
Untitled "When wolf meets wolf" (poem)
Untitled "A Cossack and a Turk . . ."
"Kublai Khan" (poem)
"Jazz Music"
"The Department of Weapons: The Sword"
"The Follower" (poem)
"Young Lockanbars" (poem)
"Spears of the East"
Note: "Jack Dempsey . . ."
"Heavyweight Champions" (list)
First Appearance: All of the listed contents items.
Only one copy known.
REH’s own amateur magazine.
Reprinted in THE LAST CELT.

      The Golden Caliph, Volume 1 Number 1
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