The Ghost #3 
W. Paul Cook
Year : May 1945
Book No. : None
Format : Periodical (edge stapled)
Pages : 56
Cover art : None
Illustrations : Unknown
"The Wandering Years"
"Some People Who Have Had Influence Over Me"
To Farnsworth Wright, ca. June-July 1931,
"In your last letter you asked me to give you . . ."

To E. Hoffmann Price, February 15, 1936,
"I have eventually found time to answer your cards.
To E. Hoffmann Price, April 21, 1936,
"Glad you-all liked She-Devil."

To E. Hoffmann Price, June 3, 1936,
"Sorry to hear Pawang Ali has been banished.
Non-REH Contents
"Cosmic Horror" by Dorothy Tilden Spoerl (article)
"Rathnaka" by Burton Crane (poem)
"The Weird Tale in English Since 1890"
by August Derleth (article)
"Musings" by Jennie Kendall Plaisier (poem)
"Creativity - A Democatic Process"
by Howard Davis Spoerl (article)
"Amateur Writing" by John Wilstach (article)
The Book of the Dead:
"Robert E. Howard" by E. Hoffmann Price (article)
"A Plea for Lovecraft" by W. Paul Cook
"Night Madness" by Martin Chelsey Hutchings (poem)
Edited by W. Paul Cook
The REH material is included in the E. Hoffmann Price article.
THE GHOST is an amateur magazine that lasted for five issues (Spring 1943 through July 1947).
        The Ghost #3
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