Ghor, Kin Slayer: The Saga ogf Genseric's Fifth-Born Son
Necronomicon Press
Year :
August 1997
Book No. : 0940884917
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade Paperback  (5 3/8 by 8 1/2)
Pages : 176
Cover art : Robert H. Knox
Illustrations : None
  Ghor, Kin Slayer    
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Publishers Note
Ghor, Kin Slayer was conceived in the late 1970's by Jonathn Bacon, editor of FANTASY CROSSROADS, a popular fanzine during the REH "boom" of that period.
Bacon had been presented with the unfinished REH story "Genseric's Son" and set out to have it completed in "round-robin" fashion by a series of authors.  
Beginning with FANTASY CROSSROADS in March 1977, Bacon planned to published  two or three chapters per issue until the 17 chapter saga was completed.
After Chapter 12 saw print in the January 1979 issue of FANTASY CROSSROADS, the magazine ceased publication.
This edition reprints the first 12 chapters plus the five concluding chapters that were thought to be lost.