From Beyond the Dark Gateway #3
Silver Scarab Press
Year :
April 1974
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st 
Format : Periodical
Pages : 40
Cover art : Stephen Riley
Illustrations : Stephen Riley, A. B. Cox, Jim Faulkenburg, Jim Garrison, Jay A. Peters, Randall Spurgin, Adrian St. Clair
From Beyond the Dark Gateway #3         
Other editions:  None

"The Black Bear Bites"
Non-REH Content
"The Keys to the Gateway" by E. P. Berglund (Editorial)
"The Crier in the Vault" by Ted Pons
"The Bells" by Graham Pryor
"Mushroom" by John Jacob
"Poison Pen" by George Wetzel
"From Beyond the Dark Gateway"
by Warren Scott Miller
"The History of the Great Race" by Drs. Eric von Kőnnenberg and Pierre de Hammais
"The Case of Charles Dexter Weird" by J. J. Koblas
"The New Subscriber" by Douglas Roome
"A Special Purpose" by Darrell Schweitzer
"Translations from the Book of Yng" by F. C. Adams
"Perilous Legacy" by Walter C. DeBill, Jr.
"The Disciples of Cthulhu I." by Walter C. DeBill, Jr.
Notes on Contributors
To the Gateway (Letters)
Publisher/Art Editor: Harry Morris, Jr.
Editor: Edward P. Berglund
Volume 1 Number 3
Limited edition of 550 copies