Fire and Sleet and Candlelight 
Arkham House
Year :
Book No. : Arkham House Publication #64
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : xix plus 236
Cover art : Gary Gore
Illustrations : None
Fire and Sleet and Candlelight         
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Books for Libraries Press

Edited by August Derleth
First appearance: "Earth-Born"
2026 copies printed

Contents (Continued)
"One Of The Sidhe" by Mary Kennedy
"Prenatal Fantasy" by Walter H. Kerr
"The Hanged Thing" by Walter H. Kerr
"Vampire" by Walter H. Kerr
"The Stone" by Walter H. Kerr
"Trap" by Walter H. Kerr
"Evocation" by Herman Stowell King
"Adjuration" by Frank Belknap Long
"Erda" by Vera Bishop Konrick
"The New Adam" by Frank Belknap Long
"It Is Not Only The Dead" by Frank Belknap Long
"No Escape" by Lilith Lorraine
"Since We Are Property" by Lilith Lorraine
"Case History" by Lilith Lorraine
"It May Be Like This" by Lilith Lorraine
"Legend Of The Hills" by Lilith Lorraine
"Pause" by Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni
"Nightmare" by Anne Marx
"Elsie's House" by Stanley Mcnail
"Lottie Mae" by Stanley Mcnail
"The Secrets Of Cisterns" by Stanley Mcnail
"The House On Maple Hill" by Stanley Mcnail
"The Witch" by Stanley Mcnail
"Part-Time Tenant" by Edna Meudt
"Second Sight" by H. S. Neill
"Aunt Jane, Of Whom I Dreamed The Nights It Thundered" by Alden A. Nowlan
"Musings Of An Insomniac" by Edith Ogutsch
"Premonition" by Edith Ogutsch
"Legend Of Ramapo Mountains" by Jennie M. Palen
"Dark House In Autumn" by Walter Evans Kidd
"Jim Desterland" by Hyam Plutzik
"Black Spirit" by Tom Poots
"House Of Life" by Dorothy Quick
"The Monster" by Dorothy Quick
"Undertone" by Dorothy Quick
"The Forest" by Dorothy Quick
"Enigma" by Katherine Reeves
"Ghosts" by Alastair Reid
"All Souls" by Liboria E. Romano
"Vendor" by Raymond Francis Roseliep
"Professor Nocturnal" by Raymond Francis Roseliep
"Black Are The Stars" by Raymond Francis Roseliep
"In Time Of Darkness" by Raymond Francis Roseliep
"Where Roots Tangle The Ground Before Their Plunge" by Raymond Francis Roseliep
"The Scissors Grinder Belled The Street" by Raymond Francis Roseliep
"Alan" by Raymond Francis Roseliep
"Gi" by Raymond Francis Roseliep
"Tour. In Rain" by Raymond Francis Roseliep
"Synchronized" by Larry Rubin
"For A Poetry Reading To Which No One Came"
by Larry Rubin

"The Druggist" by Larry Rubin
"Night Peril" by Sydney King Russell
"Warning" by Sydney King Russell
"The Shape Of Fear" by Sydney King Russell
"Forecast" by Sydney King Russell
"Six Silver Handles" by Sydney King Russell
"Perennial Mourner" by Sydney King Russell
"Spectre" by Sydney King Russell
"Danse Macabre" by Antonia Y. Schwab
"House Of Yesterday" by Walter Shedlofsky
"Prophecy" by Walter Shedlofsky
"Waltz" by Ruth Forbes Sherry
"Deeply Gone" by Jon Silkin
"The Lover's Ghost" by Louis Simpson
"And The Pear Trees Shiver" by Jocelyn Macy Sloan
"Stranger Bride" by Jocelyn Macy Sloan
"The Invaders" by Jocelyn Macy Sloan
"Femme Fatale" by Vincent Starrett
"Romantic Episode" by Vincent Starrett
"The Death Of Santa Claus" by Vincent Starrett
"A Little Night Music" by Felix Stefanile
"Praying Mantis" by Felix Stefanile
"Vampire Bride" by Felix Stefanile
"That Familiar Stranger" by Felix Stefanile
"So Separate And Strange" by Felix Stefanile
"Hawick's Crossing" by Jane Stuart
"The Gone" by Jesse Hilton Stuart
"Heart-Summoned" by Jesse Hilton Stuart
"Spring Voices" by Jesse Hilton Stuart
"Two Leaves" by Jesse Hilton Stuart
"Extended Invitation" by Jesse Hilton Stuart
"Frail Hands" by Lucia Trent
"The Seer" by Lewis Putnam Turco
"One Song For Old Bones" by Lewis Putnam Turco
"Sonata For Wind And Wood" by Lewis Putnam Turco
"Theme For A Dust Devil" by Lewis Putnam Turco
"Libretto In White" by Lewis Putnam Turco
"Plainchant Among the Maidenhair"
by Lewis Putnam Turco

"Epitaph In A Minor Key" by Lewis Putnam Turco
"Oldest Cemetery" by Mark Van Doren
"Flight (1)" by Harold Vinal
"Ghostly Reaper" by Harold Vinal
"Sleeping Village" by Harold Vinal
"A Gentleman In Oils, He Almost Seemed"
by Harold Vinal

"A Wreath For One Lost" by Harold Vinal
"We The Few Who Believe" by Harold Vinal
"Heimdall" by Harold Vinal
"Toward Avernus" by Harold Vinal
"The Well-Finder" by Harold Vinal
"Water Sprite" by Donald Wandrei
"The Woman At The Window" by Donald Wandrei
"The Prehistoric Huntsman" by Donald Wandrei
"The Challenger" by Donald Wandrei
"Forest Shapes" by Donald Wandrei
"Lyric Of Doubt" by Donald Wandrei
"On The Staircase" by Wade Wellman
"A Ballad Of Despair" by Wade Wellman
"Fancy Fishing" by James L. Weil
"Companions" by Margaret Widdemer
"Ghost To Come" by Margaret Widdemer
"The Skeptic" by Loring Williams
"Recompense" by Loring Williams
"The Ghost" by James Wright
"Atavism" by Elinor Wylie
"The Incubus of Time"
"To the Daemon of Sublimity"
"The Horologe"
"Amor Aeternalis"

"Earth-Born" (poem)
"The Sands of Time" (poem)
Non-REH Contents
"Introduction" by August Derleth
"Death Is A Little Thing" by George Abbe
"You Were At The Dead River" by George Abbe
"The Clean Gentleman" by George Abbe
"The Step Mother" by Helen Douglas Adam
"The Fair Young Wife" by Helen Douglas Adam
"An Exceeding Great Army" by Ethan Ayer
"Edgar Allan Poe" by Robert H. Barlow
"Shub-Ad" by Robert H. Barlow
"Warning To Snake-Killers" by Robert H. Barlow
"Mythological Episode" by Robert H. Barlow
"The Panther Possible" by William D. Barney
"The Gourd-Heads" by William D. Barney
"In The Beginning" by William D. Barney
"Lament For Better Or Worse" by Gene Baro
"Top Hat And Tales" by Lorna Beers
"Soft Sell" by Lorna Beers
"The Rowers" by Laura Benet
"Babylon" by Laura Benet
"A Lincolnshire Tale" by John Betjeman
"Nightmare Number Four" by Robert Bloch
"This Here Is Hell" by Samuel Mckee Bradley
"Roc's Brood" by Samuel Mckee Bradley
"One Day Of Rain" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"Ghost Town Saloon: Winter" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Humming Stair" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"Recognition Of Death" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Scythe Of Dreams" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Chestnut Roasters" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Serpent Waits" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Man I Met" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Last Pagan Mourns For Dark Rosaleen"
by Joseph Payne Brennan

"Grandfather'S Ghost" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"Ossian" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Wind Of Time" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"Avery Anameer" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"Nightmare" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"Mr. Ripley Parodies Mr. Nash - Or Vice Versa"
by Julian Brown

"Opening Door" by Winifred Adams Burr
"Ghosts" by Winifred Adams Burr
"Grand Finale" by Sara King Carleton
"Lunae Custodiens" by Lin Carter
"The Dream-Daemon" by Lin Carter
"The Sabbat" by Lin Carter
"Carcosa" by Lin Carter
"Dark Yuggoth" by Lin Carter
"Semi-Private" by Mabel Macdonald Carver
"Addict" by Mabel Macdonald Carver
"Sorceress" by Gertrude Claytor
"The Stair" by Gertrude Claytor
"Empty House" by Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
"Green Woods" by Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
"The Wind Shrieked Loud" by Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
"Murder House" by Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
"Daniel Webster'S Horses" by Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
"Atlantis" by Stanton Arthur Coblentz
"The Watcher" by Stanton Arthur Coblentz
"The High Place At Marib" by Grant Hyde Code
"News Of My Friends" by Grant Hyde Code
"Highway To Nowhere" by Grant Hyde Code
"The Night Refuses A Dreamer" by Grant Hyde Code
"The Playground Of The Pixie" by Grant Hyde Code
"Foreboding" by Grant Hyde Code
"Ballad Of Two Kings" by Grant Hyde Code
"Building Of Sand" by Grant Hyde Code
"Nos Moraturi Te Salutamus" by Grant Hyde Code
"Prayer In Blackout" by Grant Hyde Code
"Epitaph For A Wooden Soldier" by Grant Hyde Code
"2000 A.D" by Beverly Connelly
"Testimony" by Beverly Connelly
"A Room In Darkness Has A Fourth Dimension"
by Mary Elizabeth Counselman

"Country Lane" by Margaret Stanion Darling
"Downgoing" by Gustav Davidson
"From Nothing Strange" by Gustav Davidson
"Ambushed By Angels" by Gustav Davidson
"Moon And Fog" by August William Derleth
"Place-Ghost" by August William Derleth
"Invisible Painter" by Alfred Dorn
"Reversions" by Alfred Dorn
"Dark Hotel" by Alfred Dorn
"The Woods Grow Darker" by Leah Bodine Drake
"A Warning To Skeptics" by Leah Bodine Drake
"The Pool" by Leah Bodine Drake
"The Word Of Willow" by Leah Bodine Drake
"The Gods Of The Dana" by Leah Bodine Drake
"The Witches" by Leah Bodine Drake
"Inbound" by Burnham Eaton
"The Unexplored" by Burnham Eaton
"Shadowed" by Burnham Eaton
"Lost Voice On This Hill" by Burnham Eaton
"Unicorns At Harvard" by Norma Farber
"Witching Hour" by Norma Farber
"Parkinson And The Octopus" by Norma Farber
"Brief Biography" by Margaret Gilman (George) Davidson
"Paneled In Pine" by Margaret Gilman (George) Davidson
"Here I Lie" by Margaret Gilman (George) Davidson
"They Know" by Ryah Tumarkin Goodman
"Tenant" by Frances Angevine Gray
"Otherwhere" by Frances Angevine Gray
"Tapers" by Frances Angevine Gray
"Devil Doll" by Lisa Grenelle
"Nightmare" by R. H. Grenville
"Ghost" by R. H. Grenville
"Intuition" by R. H. Grenville
"The Brothers" by Amy Grosebeck
"Borderline" by R. H. Grenville
"Arachnida Female" by Aletha Humphreys
"Party Bid" by Aletha Humphreys
"Keep Darkness" by Leslie Nelson Jennings
"The Yellow Cat" by Leslie Nelson Jennings
"A Winter Legend" by Geoffrey Johnson
"250 Willow Lane" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Bedtime Tales" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Child Wife" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Mr. Lerner Had Had Enough" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Flogged Child" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Woman Telephoning" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Sunday Edition" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Wolf And Tiger Dining" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Salems Of Oppression" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Party Line" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Old Meg Of Kitrann Let No One" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Nightmare In Morganza" by Joseph Joel Keith
"Herbs And Simples" by Martha Keller
"Wilderness Road" by Martha Keller