Fight Stories Volume 6 Number 9 
Fight Stories, Inc. (Fiction House)
Year : Fall 1941
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (Pulp Magazine)
Pages : 128
Cover art : George Gross
Illustrations : Unknown

"The Waterfront Wallop" by Mark Adam
Non-REH Content
"You’re in the Army Now" by Bill Cook
"Punches on Parade" by Doc McGee (Column)
"The Old Champ" by Allan Raymond
"Re-Match!" by Phil Richards
"Softie with the Two-Ton Sock" by Pat Stagg
"The First Jack Dempsey" by Jack Kofoed (Article)
"Palooka Poison" by C. A. Osier
"The Marines Have Landed!" by Arthur J. Burks
"The Ring-Wrecker" by Tom O’Neill
Edited by DeWitt Shank  
"The Waterfront Wallop" previously appeared in ACTION STORIES V10N5, January 1931 as "The TNT Punch"

    Fight Stories Volume 6 Number 9
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