FeH 30: Kleine griezelomnibus 1 (Fantasy & Horror 30: Little Fantastic Omnibus 1)
A. W. Bruna & Zoon
Year :
Book No. : ISBN: 90-229-3530-2
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 286
Cover art : Dick Bruna
Illustrations : None
     FeH 30: Kleine griezelomnibus 1
Other editions: None


"Duiven uit de hel" ("Pigeons from Hell")
Non-REH Contents
"In Amundsens tent" ("In Amundsen's Tent")
by John M. Leahy

"De verschrikking in het museum"
("The Horror in the Museum")
by H. P. Lovecraft & Hazel Heald

"Enoch" ("Enoch") by Robert Bloch
"De dood bewaakt het fort" ("Death Holds the Post") 
by August Derleth and Mark Schorer

"Vulthoom" ("Vulthoom") by Clark Ashton Smith
"Slijm" ("Slime") by Joseph P. Brennan
"Nachtmerrie" ("Nightmare") by Donald Wandrei
"De grensbewakers" ("The Frontier Guards")
by Henry Russell Wakefield

"De zwarte gondelier" ("The Black Gondolier")
by Fritz Leiber

Book #30 in the Bruna Fantasy & Horror series
Language: Dutch
Translated by C.A.G. van den Broek and J.J. of Olffen
Edited by Aart C. Prins
A. W. Bruna slightly adapted the Black Bear symbol and printed it on all their new series since it was synonymous with success and provided brand recognition. The name "Zwarte Beertjes" (Black Bears) is not in or on the book.