The Fantasy Fan Volume 1 Number 7 
Charles D. Hornig
Year : March 1934
Book No. : None
Format : Periodical (6x9, side stapled)
Pages : 16
Cover art : None
Illustrations : None
"Gods of the North"
Non-REH Contents
"Our Readers Say" (letter column) H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Duane W. Rimel, etc.
"Supernatural Horror in Literature" Part 6 of 17,
by H.P. Lovecraft (article)
"Revenant"by Clark Ashton Smith (poem)
"The Words in the Sky" by Kenneth B. Pritchard
"How to Write a Weird Tale" by Hoy Ping Pong (article)
"A Sad Story of the Future" by Forrest J. Ackerman
"The Time Machine (A Bibliographical Note)"
by Robert H. Barlow
Edited by Charles D. Hornig
Print run of only about 60 copies.
 The Fantasy Fan Volume 1 Number 7      
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