Fantasy Crosswinds #1
Stygian Isle Press
Year :
January 1977
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical  (8.5 x 11, side stapled)
Pages : 30
Cover art : Stephen Riley
Illustrations :
Fantasy Crosswinds #1
Other editions:

"The Outcast" (poem)
"The Curse of Greed"
"The Kiowa's Tale" (poem)
Non-REH Contents
"The Story of the Brown Man"
by Darrell Schweitzer
"Flying Fish" by L. Sprague de Camp
"The Antique Hunters" by James A. McKraken
"Goodbye Iprezgala" by John Hurley (poem)
"The Arbiter of Destiny" by C. M. Eddy, Jr.
"Enough Rope" by John Bredon
"The Dead's Doom" by John Bredon (poem)
"Wulfdene" by Tevis Clyde Smith (poem)
"Wolf-Meal" by John Bredon (poem)
"Norumbega" by Michael Fantina (poem)
"Limerick" by Mark Anspach (poem)
"The Elephant Tree" by Arthur Metzger
"Epitaph" by James Wade (poem)
"The Beginning" by Deborah K. Raney (poem)
"Ulysses" by William A. Condor (poem)
"Hell's Artist" by William A. Condor (poem)
"Hymn to Apollo" by William A. Condor (poem)
"A Wraith" by Michael Fantina (poem)
"Loch Ness" by Thomas M. Egan (poem)
"Crimson Witch" by John Bredon (poem)
"Lament" by Donald R. Broyles (poem)
"The Ballad of Lonny McBride"
by Bruce D. Griffiths (poem)
"Macabre" by William A. Condor (poem)
Edited by Jonathan Bacon
Limited to 300 copies.