Fantasy Crossroads #4/5
Graceland College Comic Club
Year :
August 1975
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical  (8.5 x 11, side stapled)
Pages : 122
Cover art : Broc Sears (front)
Robert K. Oermann (back)

Illustrations : Brent Anderson, Herb Arnold, Cliff Bird, C. C. Beck, Diane Blair, Frank Cirocco, Gene Day, Sam de la Rosa, Stephen Fabian, Ronn Foss, Tom Foster, Dennis Fujitake, Kris Galloway, Douglas Herring, A. J. Hanley, Roy Krenkel, Robert K. Oremann, Jim Pitts, K. W. Raney, Steve Riley, Broc Sears, Barry Smith, Randall Spurgin, and Mercy Van Vlack
     Fantasy Crossroads #4/5
Other editions:

"Man with the Mystery Mitts"
"War to the Blind" (poem)
"The Abbey" (fragment)
"The Day Breaks Over Simla" (poem)
Non-REH Contents
"Ramblings" by Jonathan Bacon (editorial)
"Epistle Express" (letter column)
"Revue Rack"
"The Hobbit Portfolio" by C. C. Beck
"Tolkien and the Elves" by Ruth Ann Moore (article)
"Middle Earth and the Bible" by David J. Grant (article)
"Ten Tuesdays Down a Rabbit Hole"
by Leslie Kay Swigart
"Reaping the Whirlwind" by Harlan Ellison
"Knox" by Harlan Ellison
"REH: Misfit" by Wayne Warfield
"The Sending of the Singing Bones"
by J. E. Coplin (poem)
"Conan and Other Fantasy Swordsmen"  (portfolio)
"Volsung Saga"
by Coreen Casey and Ronn Foss (comic strip)
"The Neglected Silence" by Bill Orlikow (article)
"Secret Worship" by Algeron Blackwood
"Ancient Sorceries" (comic strip)
Algeron Blackwood; Script: Jonathan Bacon;
Art: Ric Cruz & Sam de la Rosa
"UFO's" (comic strip)
Script: Pat Boyette; Art:
Ric Cruz & Sam de la Rosa  
"The Eyrie: An Unusual Mailbag"
by Robert Weinberg (article)
News (column)
"REH Checklist: Books Available in Japan"
by Masaki Abe
"Incident" by Broc Sears (comic strip)
Edited by Jonathan Bacon
Limited edition print run of 565 copies.
First appearance: "War to the Blind," "The Abbey"
and "The Day Breaks Over Simla"
"Man with the Mystery Mitts" is illustrated by Jim Pitts
"War to the Blind" is illustrated by Tom Foster
"The Abbey" is illustrated by Stephen Fabian
"The Day Breaks Over Simla" is illustrated by Frank Cirocco