Fantasy Book Volume 3 Number 2 (Whole number 12)
Fantasy Book Enterprises
Year : June 1984
Book No. : ISSN: 0277-0717
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11, saddle stapled)
Pages : 80
Cover art : Walter Lee
Illustrations : C. Lee Healy, Llyn Hunter, David Gray, Allen Koszowski, Cris Palomino, James A. Mitchell, Dave Carson, Kim Corey-Chun, Carolly Cristin Hauksdottir, Doug Lefler, Walt Davis, and Walter Lee

"Death's Black Riders" (Completed by Fred Blosser)
Non-REH Content
"Editorial" by Nick Smith
"Ferrohippus" by Alan Dean Foster
"The Shell and the Specter" by Frank Ward
"The Call" by Robert Frazier (poem)
"All the Dimming Stars Out his Window"
by S. R. Daugherty
"The Naming of Kinzel: The Foolish"
by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
"Sea Change: The Return of the Deep Ones Part 2"
by Brian Lumley
"Harry Tales" by Lee Nordling and Cheri Lane
(comic strip)

"Object D'Art" by Kris Neville
"The Unicorn Sans Cornu" by Mary Alice Fox (poem)
"The Piper's Pay" by Jayge Carr
"A Place of No return" by Hugh B. Cave
"Between Dawn and Dusk" by Jeanne Powers
"What Price Wings?" by H. L. Gold
"In Memoriam: William L. Crawford (1911-1984)"
Publisher/Executive Editor: Dennis Mallonée
Editor/Art Director: Nick Smith
Contributing Editor: Forrest J. Ackerman
"Death's Black Riders" is illustrated by Doug Lefler

     Fantasy Book Volume 3 Number 2  
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