Echoes of Valor II
Year :
February 1991
Book No. : 0812-55752-2
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 274
Cover art : Sam Rakeland (credited as Rich Berry)
Illustrations : None
      Echoes of Valor II    
Other editions:

Robert E Howard
"Introduction" by Karl Edward Wagner
Letter to Charles Hornig, 10 November 1933
"Here is a short story . . . "

"The Frost King's Daughter"
"The Frost-Giant's Daughter"
C. L. Moore
"Introduction" by Karl Edward Wagner
"An Autobiographical Sketch of C. L. Moore"
by C. L. Moore
"Quest of the Starstone"
by C. L. Moore and Henry Kuttner

"Nymph of Darkness"
by C. L. Moore and Forrest J. Ackerman

"The  Genesis of an Invisible Venusienne"
Afterword to
"Nymph of Darkness"
by Forrest J. Ackerman

"Werewoman" by C. L. Moore
"Song in a Minor Key" by C. L. Moore
Leigh Brackett and Ray Bradbury
"Introduction" by Karl Edward Wagner
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Manly Wade Wellman
"Introduction" by Karl Edward Wagner
"Hok Visits the Land of Legends"
by Manly Wade Wellman

"Untitled Hok Fragment" by Manly Wade Wellman
Edited by Karl Edward Wagner
There was also a Canadian edition.