The Early Adventures of El Borak 
REH Foundation Press
Year :
March 2010
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : xiv plus 350
Cover : Jim & Ruth Keegan
Illustrations : None
    The Early Adventures of El Borak    
Other editions:

Introduction: "The Making of El Borak" by David Hardy
The Coming of El Borak
"The Iron Terror"
Untitled "Gordon, the American"
"The Coming of El Borak"
"Khoda Khan’s Tale"
"El Borak" ("Were you ever stranded . . ." )
Untitled "I emptied my revolver . . ."
"The Land of Mystery"
"The Shunned Castle"
"The White Jade Ring"
"A Power Among the Islands"
"North of Khyber"
"Intrigue in Kurdistan"
Lal Singh, Oriental Gentleman
"The Sword of Lal Singh" (poem)
"The Tale of the Rajah’s Ring"
"The Further Adventures of Lal Singh"
"Lal Singh, Oriental Gentleman"
The Adventures of Yar Ali Khan
"The Song of Yar Ali Khan" (poem)
"The Lion Gate"
Untitled "When Yar Ali Khan crept"
Untitled "Two men were standing"
Untitled "Now bright, now red" (poem)
Steve Allison: The Sonora Kid
"The Sonora Kid—Cowhand"
"The Sonora Kid’s Winning Hand"
"Red Curls and Bobbed Hair"
Untitled "Madge Meraldson set her . . ."
Untitled "The Hades Saloon and gambling hall, . . ."
Untitled "A blazing sun in a blazing sky . . ."
Untitled "The way it came about that Steve Allison . . ."
Untitled "The hot Arizona sun had not risen . . ."
Untitled "Steve Allison settled himself down . . ."
"Brotherly Advice"
"Desert Rendezvous"
"The West Tower"
"Under the Great Tiger" by REH & Tevis Clyde Smith
Untitled "A Cossack and a Turk"
"Spears of the East"
Untitled ". . . that is, the artistry"
Untitled "Thure Khan gazed out"
Untitled Synopsis: "Blood of the Gods"
Map for "Blood of the Gods"
Map of unidentified El Borak Story
"Thoughts of an Afghan on a Raid"  (drawing)
"Where East and West shall meet"  (drawing)
Two Sketches found on the back of typescript pages
List of Middle Eastern Rulers (typescript)
List of names found in El Borak stories  (manuscript)
"A Biographical Sketch of Robert E. Howard"
by Alvin Earl Perry
- Contains the following REH letter:
Letter to Alvin Earl Perry, ca. early 1935,
"The first character I ever created . . ."

Edited by Rob Roehm