Dragonfields #3
Triskell Press
Year : Summer 1980
Book No. : ISSN 0708-5508
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback (7 x 9.5 inches)
Pages : 120
Cover art : Donna Gordon
Illustrations : Charles Vess, Bierley, Liz Danforth, Rudi Frank, C. Lee Healy, Dave Sim, Dan Day, Wallace Wood, Tanith Lee, Georgie Schnobrich, Barry Blair, Donna Gordon, Heather Webster
 Dragonfields #3  
Other editions:

"The Sands of the Desert" (Poem)
Non- REH Contents
The Front Pages (Editorial)
"In Remembrance of David Madison"
by Charles R. Saunders
"The City of Silence" by David Madison (Fiction)
"Invocation" by Robin Williamson (Poem)
"Cyrion in Wax" by Tanith Lee (Fiction)
"The Desolation of Yr/Marcus's Song"
by David Madison
"Keeper of the Wood" by Caradoc A. Cador (Fiction)
"Troll Woman" by Georgie Schnobrich (Fiction)
"The Fisher King" by Thomas M. Egan (Fiction)
"Puck's Invitation" by Sharrie n'ha Verana (Poem)
"White are the Horns of the Horses"
by Joy Chant
"Reflections of Terrance Whitley"
by Adrian Chadwick
"The Heroes in Heroic Fantasy"
by Michael Moorcock (nonfiction)
"Sandy Denny" by Gregg Jones Muller
"Devil on My Stomach"
by Richard K. Lyon and Andrew J. Offutt
"Scarlet Night" by Dwight E. Humphries (Poem)
"Enemy, Enemy" by Stephanie Stearns (Poem)
"The Game of Burke and Hare"
by Albert J. Manachino
"William Hope Hodgeson" by Michael Danagher (Poem)
"Ship of the Hundred Flames" by Joey Froehlich (Poem)
"Withered Trickster" by Wendelessen (Poem)
"The Way of Wizards" by Galad Elflandsson (Fiction)
"Desiring Dragons" by Diana L. Paxson (Poem)
Continuing the Characters of Robert E. Howard:
An Open Forum (Commentary)
     "Bran Mak Morn" by Don Herron
     "Wasn't Bran Mak Morn a Cereal"
     by Karl Edward Wagner

     "Concerning Last Issue" by Loay H. Hall
"King Kull in Valusia" by Thomas M. Egan (Poem)
"Along the Borders" by Wendelessen (Poem)
"The Windspell" by Diana L. Paxson (Fiction)
The Back Pages (Reviews, letters, credits, Afterword)
Editor: Charles R. Saunders & Charles de Lint