The Dead That Walk 
Ulysses Press
Year :
November 2009
Book No. : ISBN-10: 1569757372
ISBN-13: 978-1569757376

Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages : 416
Cover art : Les Edwards
Illustrations : None
      The Dead That Walk
Other editions:

"Black Canaan"
Non-REH Contents
"Introduction" by Stephen Jones
"For the Good of All" by Yvonne Navarro
"The Things He Said" by Michael Marshall Smith
"The Last Resort" by Mark Samuels
"Bobby Conroy Comes Back From the Dead" by Joe Hill
"The Crossing of Aldo Ray" by Weston Ochse
"Obsequy" by David J. Schow
"Zombonia" by Nancy Holder
"Cool Air" by H. P. Lovecraft
"Call First" by Ramsey Campbell
"Joe and Abel in the Field of Rest" by Lisa Morton
"Midnight at the Body Farm" by Brian Keene
"Dead to the World" by Gary McMahon
"The Long Dead Day" by Joe R. Lansdale
"A Call to Temple" by Kelly Dunn
"Haeckel's Tale" by Clive Barker
"The Rulebook" by Christopher Fowler
"The Silent Majority" by Stephen Woodworth
"Sensible City" by Harlan Ellison
"Granny's Grinning" by Robert Shearman
"Amerikanski Dead at the Moscoe Morgue or: Children of Marx and Coca Cola" by Kim Newman
"Tell Me Like You Done Before" by Scott Edelman
"Home Delivery" by Stephen King
Edited by Stephen Jones