Dark Things 
Arkham House
Year :
Book No. : Arkham House Publication # 121
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : 330
Cover : Herb Arnold and  Gary Gore
Illustrations : None
       Dark Things     
Other editions:

"The House in the Oaks" (Completed by August Derleth)
"Arkham" (poem)
A slightly different version incorporated into the story.
"An Open Window" (poem)
"The Black Stone" (verse heading)
Non-REH Contents
"The Funny Farm" by Robert Bloch
"The Eyes of Mme. Dupree" by P. H. Booth
"The Peril That Lurks Among Ruins"
Joseph Payne Brennan
"Napier Court" by Ramsey Campbell
"The Dweller in the Tomb" by Lin Carter
"Shaggai" by Lin Carter
"The House by the Tarn" by Basil Copper
"The Knocker at the Portico" by Basil Copper
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"The Singleton Barrier" by Carl Jacobi
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Margery Lawrence
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"Appointment with Fire" by H. Russell Wakefield
"The Rings of the Papaloi" by Donald J. Walsh, Jr.
"Requiem for Earth" by Donald Wandrei
"Biographical - Miscellaneous Material
Edited by August Derleth
This is the fourth and last anthology of original fiction edited by Derleth who died in July of 1971.
3051 copies printed