Dark Phantasms 
V W Studios
Year :
Summer 1976
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook  (8.5 x 11, saddle stapled)
Pages : 48
Cover art : Roy Krenkel
Illustrations : Bill Black, Steve Vance, Rick Hoberg, Wes Smith, Stephen Fabian
    Dark Phantasms  
Other editions:

"Black Hound of Death"
Non-REH Content
"In the Lair of Yslsl" by Karl Edward Wagner
"Up from the Pits" by Bill Whitcomb [Editorial]
"Arbada-Fetex" by Wes Smith [graphc story]
"Portfolio" by Bill Black
Edited by Bill Whitcomb
"Black Hound of Death" is illustrated by Stephen Fabian
VW Studios is Gary Dolmorn
Limited to 1600 copies.