Conan le vagabond
J'ai Lu
Year : December 1985 (1st printing)
May 1990 (2nd printing)
January 1992 (3rd printing)
April 2002 (4th printing)
Book No. :
ISBN-10:  2-277-21935-5 (1st, 2nd, and 3rd printings)
ISBN-10:  2-290-31532-X (4th printing)
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 252
Cover art :
Frank Frazetta (1st, 2nd, and 3rd printings)
Olivier Frot (4th printing)
Illustrations :

"Introduction" by L. Sprague de Camp
"Les Ombres de Zamboula" ("Shadows in Zamboula")
"Le Diable d’airain" ("The Devil in Iron")
"Le Kriss" ("The Flame-Knife") with L. Sprague de Camp
Non-REH Content
"Larmes noires" ("Black Tears")
by L. Sprague de Camp
 and Lin Carter
Language: French
Based on the Lancer edition of CONAN THE WANDERER
Translated by Eric Chédaille
Science Fiction Number 1935

Other Editions:
Jean-Claude Lattès

December 1985

May 1990

January 1992
  Conan le vagabond

April 2002

   Conan le vagabond