Conan l'usurpateur (Conan the Usurper) 
J'ai Lu
Year : June 1987 (1st printing)
May 1990 (2nd printing)
January 1992 (3rd printing)
Book No. :
ISBN-10: 2-277-22224-0  (1st, 2nd, and 3rd printings)
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 256
Cover art :
Frank Frazetta
Illustrations :

"Introduction" by L. Sprague de Camp
"Le Trésor de Tranicos" ("The Treasure of Tranicos") with L. Sprague de Camp
"Des Loups sur la frontiere" ("Wolves Beyond the Border") with L. Sprague de Camp
"Le Phénix sur l’épée" ("The Phoenix on the Sword")
"La Citadelle écarlate" ("The Scarlet Citadel")

Language: French
Based on the Lancer edition of CONAN THE USURPER
Translated by Eric Chédaille
Science Fiction Number 2224

Conan l'usurpateur (Conan the Usurper)
Other Editions:
Jean-Claude Lattès