Conan - La Naissance Du Monde (The Birth of the World) 
Edition Spéciale
Year : October 1972
Book No. :
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 240
Cover art : Philippe Druillet
Illustrations :

"Les Clous rouges" ("Red Nails")
"Les Joyaux de Gwalhur" ("The Jewels of Gwalhur")
"Au-delà de la rivière noire" ("Beyond the Black River")

Language: French
Based on the Lancer edition of CONAN THE WARRIOR.
Translated by Francois Truchaud
Collection: Edition Spéciale No. 5
The publishing house Special Edition was created in May 1968 by Jacques Lanzmann and Jean-Claude Lattes.
In 1971, the name was changed in favor of one of the founders of the company, Jean-Claude Lattes.

   Conan - La Naissance Du Monde (The Birth of the World)
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