The Collected Poetry of Robert E. Howard
The REH Foundation Press
Year :
January 2009
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : lxxix, 728
Cover art : Photo of REH
Illustrations : None
 The Collected Poetry of Robert E. Howard     
Other editions:

Notes (Continued)
Notes on the First Printing
In the second printing these errors were all corrected.
After the first printing was completed, an extra letter in "A Song of the Race" was discovered:
the word "westerns" should instead be "western."
Another error appears in a footnote: Viola Garvin is inexplicably named “Violin” on page xxxii.
In the Title Index, some of the page numbers in the notations that begin “see Notes pg” are off by one or two digits. This was caused by the last minute insertion of two poems in the main body of the book.
Notes on the Second Printing
After the second printing arrived, it was discovered that "Old Rime," the epigraph for "Rogues in the House," had not been included in either printing.

To correct this, the first page of the story from Weird Tales was included in the second printing shipments as an insert. Those who ordered first printings received the page sent to them at no cost. As there was no typescript available for "Rogues," the page from Weird Tales is the best available source.

The expected third printing will have the epigraph included in the actual text at the bottom of page 72 and the title and first line added to the indexes.

"Introduction" by Steve Eng
"Acknowledgements" by Rob Roehm
"Foreword" by Rob Roehm
Heroic Verse (63)
War Poems (13)
Wizardry & Satanism (57)
Horror Poems (62)
Exoticism & Nature (109)
Personal (158)
Historical (93)
Dialect & Doggerel (141)
Prose Poems (6)
Index of Titles
Index of First Lines
All fled-all done, so lift me on the pyre

Limited edition of 150 copies in the first printing.
Limited edition of 75 copies in the 2nd printing.
Limited edition of 75 copies in the 3rd printing.
Edited by Rob Roehm
Typescripts of the following verse printed on separate 8.5 by 11 sheets of paper were included with the first and second printings:
"The Hour of the Dragon"
"To a Woman (3)" ("Thus in my mood I love you")