The Howard Collector
Year : April 1979
Book No. : ISBN-10: 0441344585
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 267
Cover art : Sanjulian
The Howard Collector
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"Preface" by Glenn Lord
Section I - Fiction & Verse
"Two Against Tyre"
"Sea Curse"
"The Curse of the Golden Skull"
"Death's Black Riders"
Untitled fragment ("Beneath the glare . . .")
"Spanish Gold on Devil Horse"
"The Heathen"
"The Thessalians"
"Ye College Days"
"Cupid vs. Pollux"
"Musings of a Moron"
"Sunday in a Small Town"
"West Is West"
"Knife, Bullet and Noose"
"Kelly the Conjure Man"
"With a Set of Rattlesnake Rattles"
"The Beast From the Abyss"
"Hope Empty of Meaning" (poem)
"Life" (2, "They bruised my soul . . .") (poem)
"Solomon Kane's Homecoming" (poem) Variant version
"Visions" (poem)
"Harvest" (poem)
"On With the Play" (poem)
"Roads" (poem)
"The Bar by the Side of the Road" (poem)
"Marching Song of Connacht" (poem)
"The Legacy of Tubal-Cain" (poem)
REH Letters
To Clark Ashton Smith, postmarked 5 March 1933
"I hardly know how to thank you . . ."
To H. P. Lovecraft, ca. August 1933
"I am sending on to you . . ."
To August Derleth, ca. July 1933
"Thanks immensely for the opportunity . . ."
To R. H. Barlow, 1 June 1934
"Concerning the illustrations . . ."

To R. H. Barlow, 14 June 1934
"If I ever decide to dispose . . ."

To Emil Petaja, 17 December 1934
"Thank you very much . . ."

To Farnsworth Wright, dated 6 May 1935
"I always hate to write a letter . . ."

To Clark Ashton Smith, 23 July 1935
"I'm ashamed of my long delay in answering  . . ."

To August Derleth, 9 May 1936
"I am indeed sorry to learn of the deaths . . ."

Section II - About REH
"Robert Ervin Howard" by E. Hoffmann Price
"Burkett News" by Mrs. T. A. Burns
"Perhaps for Howard"
by W. Fraser Sandercombe (poem)
E. Hoffmann Price to H. P. Lovecraft, 25 June 1936
"Last page your letter hit me between . . ."

Dr. I. M. Howard to H. P. Lovecraft, 29 June 1936
"It is barely possible through some other source . . ."

"Around the Supper Table" by James C. White
Dr. I. M. Howard to E. Hoffmann Price, 21 June 1944  "Just received your copy of . . ."
"The Warrior" by Emil Petaja (poem)
"R. E. H." by R. H. Barlow (poem)
E. Hoffmann Price to Francis T. Laney, 22 July 1944
"I have the clippings from the Cross Plains . . ."

"I Speak of Shattered Spring"
by Dale Harding Exum (poem)

E. Hoffmann Price to THE ACOLYTE, 1945
"Stuart Boland in re. Lovecraft has something . . ."

"To Robert Ervin Howard" by Wade Wellman (poem)
Harold Preece to Lenore Preece, 16 January 1965
"Here you and Glenn Lord have gotten me in a . . ."

Harold Preece to Glenn Lord, 11 January 1966
"Thank you very much for the latest issue of . . ."

Section III -  Essays
"Acheron - a Revisionary Theory" by Robert Yaple
"Arenjun" by Ed Lesko, Jr. (poem)
"Howard's Cannibalizing" by Fred Blosser
"Dust" by Bryce D. Thompson (poem)
"Conan's Parents" by Fred Blosser
"Nameless Cults: A History" by Charles O. Gray
"After Recompense" by Wade Wellman (poem)
Edited by Glenn Lord
A collection of the best material from the eighteen issues of THE HOWARD COLLECTOR.