The Chronicler of Cross Plains #2
The Black Coast Press
Year : June 2006  
(Dated Fall 2006 on the contents page)
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Magazine (staples, saddle stitched)
Pages : 56
Cover art : Jeff Easley (Front)
David Burton (Back)

Rafael Kayanan (Inside front and back)
Illustrations : David Burton, Bill Cavalier, Stephen Fabian, Robert Sankner, Joe Wehrle, Rafael Kayanan
The Chronicler of Cross Plains #2  
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Illustrated by David Burton
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Conan illustration by Stephen Fabian
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Illustrated by Robert Sankner
"The Man-Eaters of Zamboula: A Conan Portfolio
by Michael L. Peters
"Black Stone in a Red Setting" by Steven Tompkins
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"Mzee" by Charles R. Saunders
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"Soulless and Deadly" by Gary Romeo
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"To The or Not to The" by Rusty Burke
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Editor: Damon C. Sasser
Volume 1 Number 2
Limited to 300 copies
Although dated Fall 2006, this issue was on sale June 8 for the Centennial Howard Days celebration in Cross Plains.