Chacal #1
Nemedian Chronicles
Year :
Winter 1976
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st 
Format : Magazine
Pages : 60 (Includes covers)
Cover art : Jeff Easley (Front)
Richard Corben (Back)
Illustrations : Jon Gerung, Jeff Easley, Steve Fabian, Marcus Boas, Hannes Bok, Tim Kirk, John Tibbetts, Nestor Redondo, Frank Frazetta, David Ireland, Clyde Caldwell
   Chacal #1   
Other editions:  None

"Road of Azrael"
"The Ballad of Singapore Nell" (Poem)
"Futility"  (Poem)
Eight lines from the poem are used as a heading for David C. Smith's story,
"The End of Days."
Non-REH Content
Cast and Credits
"Editorial" by Arnie Fenner
"Editorial" by Byron L. Roark
"Der Untergang Des Abenlandesmenschen"
by Howard Waldrop
"Reflections on the Winter of My Soul"
A portfolio of Kane by Jeff Easley
Interview: C. L. Moore
"Mistress of Windraven" by Tom Reamy
"The End of Days" by David C. Smith
"Hannes Bok: Artist and Man" by Ben Indick
"Sing a Last Song of Valdese" by Karl Edward Wagner
"Crosswinds" by Dave McFerran (UK news column)
U.S. News column
Publisher/Assistant Editor: Arnie Fenner
Editor: Byron L. Roark
"Road of Azrael" is illustrated by Marcus Boas
"The Ballad of Singapore Nell"
is illustrated by Clyde Caldwell
The second issue of Chacal (Spring 1977) was published by Daemon Graphics.