The Brownwood Connection: A Guide for Robert E. Howard Fans 
REH Foundation Press
Year :
April 2010
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade Paperback
(8.5 x 11 inches, perfect bound)

Pages : viii plus 107
Cover : Photographs
Illustrations : Photographs
  The Brownwood Connection      
Other editions:

"Fables for Little Folks" (poem)
"The Sea" (poem)
Letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, June 3, 1925
A gag letter written on a lawyer’s letterhead, calling Smith to court to answer the charge of rape.

Letter from Hester Howard to REH, December 9, 1926
Letter from Hester Howard to REH, January 4, 1927
Other Content
Quick Reference
"Robert E. Howard in Brownwood" by Rob Roehm
"Robert E. Howard Rides the Rails" by Bob Roehm
Novalyne Price
Cross Plains Review
GPS Coordinates
Edited by Rob Roehm
This volume explores the remnants of Howard’s home-away-from-home with photos — both modern and period — as well as pictures and scans of pertinent documents: college catalogues, yearbooks, report cards, maps and more. Every detail of Howard’s life in Brownwood is explored, from his trips to Stone’s Ranch to his relationships with his Brownwood friends. Also included are letters written to Howard from his mother, a section on Novalyne Price, and items from the Cross Plains Review.