Bran Mak Morn
Year : January 1996
Book No. : 0-671-87705-4
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 234
Cover art : Ken Kelly
Bran Mak Morn
Other editions:
Dell Wandering Star
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"Introduction" by David Weber
"Foreword" by REH, discussing Picts (Excerpted from a letter to HPL, ca. early January 1932 ("Yes I enjoyed the postcards . . .", the excerpt beginning with "There is one hobby of mine . . .")
"The Drums of Pictdom" (poem)
(Appears in the Author's Foreward)
"The Lost Race"
"Men of the Shadows"
    "Chant of the White Beard" (poem)
    "Rune" (poem)
    "Song of the Pict" (poem)

"Kings of the Night"
"A Song of the Race" (poem)
"Worms of the Earth"
Untitled ("A gray sky arched...")
"The Dark Man"
"The Gods of Bal-Sagoth"
Three poems are included as untitled verse in "Men of the Shadows":
"Chant of the White Beard"
"Song of the Pict"

Attempts to restore the original text where available.
Robert E. Howard Library Vol. IV