Bran Mak Morn: The Last King 
Tantor Media Inc.
Year :
June 2010  
Book No. :
ISBN-10: 1400112265
ISBN-13: 9781400112265

Edition : 1st
Format :
Compact disk
Discs :
10 disk set
Cover art : Gary Gianni
     Bran Mak Morn: The Last King
Other editions:

"Introduction" by Rusty Burke (Disk 1, Track 1)
"Men of the Shadows" (Disk 1, Track 7)
    "Chant of the White Beard" (poem)
    "Rune" (poem)
    "Song of the Pict" (poem)

"Kings of the Night" (Disk 2, Track 4)
"Song of the Race" (poem) (Disk 3, Track 9)
"Worms of the Earth" (Disk 3, Track 10)
"The Dark Man" (Disk 4, Track 14)
"The Lost Race" (Disk 5, Track 14)
"The Drums of Pictdom" (poem) (Disk 6, Track 1)
"The Little People" (Disk 6, Track 3)
"Children of the Night" (Disk 6, Track 8)
"Bran Mak Morn: A Play" (Disk 6, Track 22)
Untitled Synopsis "The story of a forgotten age; of ..."
(Disk 7, Track 1)
Draft ("Worms of the Earth") (Disk 7, Track 2)
Untitled Fragment "A grey sky arched..."
(Disk 8, Track 4)
"The Bell of Morni" (poem) (Disk 8, Track 7)
Untitled fragment "Men have had visions ere now. ..."
(Disk 8, Track 8)
"Robert E. Howard and the Picts: A Chronology"
(Disk 9, Track 9)
(excerpts from letters, etc. in chronological order)
Included in this article is an untitled essay by REH:
untitled essay, ca. 1920-1923
(". . . which has characterized . . .")

"Robert E. Howard, Bran Mak Morn and the Picts"
by Rusty Burke and Patrice Louinet
(Disk 10, Track 6)
Read by Robertson Dean
Approximately 12 hours in length
The disk numbers noted above are where the story narration begins. Some stories are continued on subsequent disks.