The Dark Horse Book of the Dead
Dark Horse Books
Year :
June 2005
Book No. : ISBN-10: 1593072813
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover, no dustjacket (6 x 9 inches)
Pages : 104
Cover art : Gary Gianni
Illustrations : As documented below.
   Dark Hose Book of the Dead
Other editions:

"Old Garfield's Heart"
Story: Robert E. Howard;  Art: Gary Gianni
Non-REH Contents
"The Hungry Ghosts"   
Story & Art: Kelley Jones
"The Ghoul"   
Story & Art: Mike Mignola
"The Ditch"   
Story: David Crouse;  Art: Todd Heman
"Death Boy"   
Story: Bob Fingerman;  Art: Roger Langridge
"The Wallace Expedition"  
 Story & Art: Eric Powell
"The Queen of Darkness"   
Story & Art: Pat McEown

"Kago No Tori"   
Story: Jamie S. Rich;  Art: Guy Davis
"The Magicians"   
Story: Scott Allie;  Art: Paul Lee, Brian Horton
"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"   
Story: Evan Dorkin;  Art: Jill Thompson
Edited by Scott Allie
"Old Garfield's Heart" is illustrated with six pen and ink line drawings by Gary Gianni