The Bloody Crown of Conan 
Tantor Media Inc.
Year :
August 2009
Book No. :
ISBN-10: 1400112249
ISBN-13: 9781400112241

Edition : 1st
Format :
Compact disk
Discs :
15 disk set
Cover art : Gary Gianni
   The Bloody Crown of Conan
Other editions:

"Introduction" (Disk 1, Track 1)
"The People of the Black Circle" (Disk 1, Track 6)
"The Hour of the Dragon" (Disk 4, Track 9)
"A Witch Shall Be Born" (Disk 11, Track 13)

Read by Todd McLaren
Approximately 18.5 hours in length
The disk numbers noted above are where the story narration begins. Some stories are continued on subsequent disks.