HM Communications
Year :
December 1980, January 1981,
February 1981, March 1981, April 1981, May 1981, June 1981, July 1981

Book No. : Volume IV Number 9
Volume IV Number 10
Volume IV Number 11
Volume IV Number 12
Volume V Number 1
Volume V Number 2
Volume V Number 3
Volume V Number 4
Edition : 1st
Format : Magazine
Pages : 96
Cover art : Christos Achilleos (December 1980)
Robert Burger (January 1981)
Jim Burns (February 1981)
Abdul Mati Klarwein (March 1981)
Esteban Maroto (April 1981)
Enrich (May 1981)
Marc Harrison (June 1981)
Chris Moore (July 1981)
Illustrations : Various

Story: Robert E. Howard
Adapted by: Richard Corben, John Jakes, John Pocsik
Art:  Richard Corben

Full color serialized graphic novel adaptation of
"The Valley of the Worm"

The previous adaptation by Corben and Jakes is rewritten by John Pocsik (aka Simon Revelstroke).
Richard Corben revealed in a Heavy Metal interview (July 1981) that the story was colored by his overlays technique, but he did not do it himself. There was no mention of who did do the coloring.