Beyond the Gates of Dream
Leisure Books
Year :
1977 and 1982
Book No. :
519DK  (1977 edition)
Book No. :
0843910828 (1982 edition)
Science Fiction #2 Inflation Fighter

Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 157
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : None
 Beyond the Gate of Dream
Beyond the Gates of Dream
Other editions:
Belmont Tower
Five Star

"The Hand of Nergal" (completed by Lin Carter)
Non-REH Content
"Here, and Back Again"
an Introduction by Lin Carter

"Masters of the Metropolis"
by Lin Carter with Randal Garrett
"Owlstone" by Lin Carter
"Keru" by Lin Carter
"Harvey Hodges, Veebelfetzer" by Lin Carter
"Uncollected Works" by Lin Carter
"Mantichore" (from Khymyrium, a work in progress by Lin Carter
"A Last Few Words" by Lin Carter
Edited by Lin Carter
Identical to the Belmont edition except for the cover and the error in name (GATE should be GATES); the title is correct on the title page.
1977 edition: Published by Nordon Publications.
1982 edition: Published by Dorchester Publishing.