The Barbarian Scroll #16  
Conquest Press
Year : 1991 (Later than August  13)
Book No. : None
Format : Chapbook
Pages : 46 pages, not counting the covers (saddle stapled, digest size)
Cover art : Nestor Redondo (Front  and back covers)
Illustrations : S. S. Compton, Richard Corben, Gonzalo Mayo, Marcus Boas, David Lind, Dannie Taverna, Dennis Stahl
Contents about REH
"Crom and Punishment:  Law and Disorder in the Hyborian Age" by Fred Blosser.
Non-REH Contents
"Emergency Editorial" by Alfonso D. J. Alfonso
"Red Sonja" by David S. Smith (Part 8, serialization of the screenplay)
"The Labors of Heracles (Hercules)" by Thomas Collins, Sr.
Tavern Talk (letter column)
"Sword Age Artifacts"  by anonymous (article on collectibles)
"Talons in the Dark" by Fred Blosser (short story)
"An Interview with Rich Corben" by anonymous
"Interview with Björn Nyberg" by anonymous
"Interview with a Swordsman:  Conan of Cimmeria" by Jim Neal
"El Cid" by Tom Collins Sr.
Edited by Alfonso D.J. Alfonso
A fanzine dedicated to sword and sorcery fiction, especially the writings of Robert E. Howard, featuring interviews with writers and artists in the field, a poem or two, quality artwork, and fiction.
There were a total of 16 issues. The first issue was called THE CIMMERIAN SCROLL but Conan Properties, Inc. requested a name change.
Issues #1 thru #12 were listed as published by Alfonso D.J. Alfonso
The "Red Sonja" screenplay was serialized in issues 7 thru 16, skipping issues 11 and 15, and was never completed.
     The Barbarian Scroll #16
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