The Barbarian Scroll #15  
Conquest Press
Year : January 1991
Book No. : None
Format : Chapbook
Pages : 50 pages (saddle stapled, digest size)
Cover art : Dell Barras (Front cover)
Bruce Timm (Back cover)
Illustrations : Jerry Collins, Ken Kelly, Roy Krenkel, Rudy Nebres, Gerry Taloac, Gary Kwapisz, Thomas Yeates
Contents about REH
"Vultures of Cross Plains" by Fred Blosser
"The Vultures of Whapeton"
3 sample pages of a comic book version of the Howard story published by Conquest Press
Art by Steve Gan

"De Montour:  Chevalier of Fang Clan" by Fred Blosser
"Conan's Parents" by Fred Blosser
Non-REH Contents
"The Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Labors of Heracles" by Tom Collins, Sr.
"Interview with Ken Kelly" by anonymous
"A Brief Biography of the Legendary Illustrator Roy Krenkel" by Roger Hill
"True to His Word" by Ron Becker (short story)
"Interview with Writer:  Roland Green" by anonymous
Tavern Talk (letter column)
Includes a letter from L. Sprague de Camp addressing some regret in choosing Lin Carter as his collaborator instead of asking Leigh Brackett first.
"Loot and Plunder" by anonymous (article about collectibles)
"Point and Edge" by Jim Neal
"The Last" by John T. Bien (short story)
"Interview with Artist:  Gary Kwapisz" by anonymous
"Interview with Thomas Yeates"  by anonymous
"The Barbarian" by Stuart McLean (poem)
The Cutting Edge:  News and Reviews
Edited by Alfonso D.J. Alfonso
A fanzine dedicated to sword and sorcery fiction, especially the writings of Robert E. Howard, featuring interviews with writers and artists in the field, a poem or two, quality artwork, and fiction.
There were a total of 16 issues. The first issue was called THE CIMMERIAN SCROLL but Conan Properties, Inc. requested a name change.
Issues #1 thru #12 were listed as published by Alfonso D.J. Alfonso

     The Barbarian Scroll #15
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