The Barbarian Scroll #13  
Conquest Press
Year : June 18, 1990
Book No. : None
Format : Chapbook
Pages : 56 pages (saddle stapled, digest size)
Cover art : Ron Wilber
Illustrations : William Stout, Roy G. Krenkel, David Lind, Jerry Collins, Frank Thorne, Kurt Wilcken, Adrian Kleinbergen, Kevin Duncan, Ernie Chan, Susan Dorne
Contents about REH
". . . A Verye Dangerous Fight:  Solomon Kane and the Art of the Knife" by Fred Blosser
"Watch Out for Swordsman, He Said Sharply" by Fred Blosser and Jim Neal
Non-REH Contents
"First Kill" by Stuart McLean (poem)
Tavern Talk (letter column)
"'Lady Godiva' rides again to protest tax hike" - (newspaper article facsimile)
"Interview with William Stout" by anonymous
"Interview with John Jakes" by anonymous
"Big Arnie kicks back"  (newspaper article facsimile)
"Night of the Thousand-Fanged" by Jim Neal (poem)
"The Barbarian" by Poul Anderson
"Hyborian Limmericks" by Jim Neal
"Loot and Plunder" by anonymous (article about collectibles)
"Conan Crossword #2" by Marty Ward
"Red Sonja" by David C. Smith ( (Part 6, serialization of the screenplay)
Edited by Alfonso D.J. Alfonso
A fanzine dedicated to sword and sorcery fiction, especially the writings of Robert E. Howard, featuring interviews with writers and artists in the field, a poem or two, quality artwork, and fiction.
There were a total of 16 issues. The first issue was called THE CIMMERIAN SCROLL but Conan Properties, Inc. requested a name change.
Issues #1 thru #12 were listed as published by Alfonso D.J. Alfonso
The "Red Sonja" screenplay was serialized in issues 7 thru 16, skipping issues 11 and 15, and was never completed.
    The Barbarian Scroll #13
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