The Barbarian Scroll #11  
Alphonso D.J. Alphonso
Year : January 25, 1990
Book No. : None
Format : Chapbook (saddle stapled)
Pages : 52 (including front and back covers)
Cover art : Nestor Redondo (Front & Inside back cover)
Ron Wilber (Back cover)
Illustrations : Kevin Duncan, Francis St. Martin, David Lind, S. S. Compton, Frank Cirrocco,
Dresden & Getsu-Shin Moss

"The Bride of Cuchulain" (poem)
Non-REH Contents
Sword Age Artifacts (collectibles)
Tavern Talk (letter column)
"The Twelve Tasks of Heracles (Hercules):  Number 1" by Thomas W. Collins Sr.
"Interview with Fantasy Illustrator:  Frank Cirocco"
"The Cutting Edge" (News and Reviews)
"A Look at "Rhaj" and Her Creators Dresden and Getsu-Shin Moss" by anonymous
"The Barbarian Scroll Interviews Richard Lupoff"
Lots of questions about Howard and Lupoff's efforts with Howard's work

"Sea Kings" by Alfonso D. J. Alfonso (poem)
"Dawkin of the Misty Mountains" by David Price
"The Mummy of Quelang" by Gary Lovisi
"Llondar the Barbarian" by James Mitchell (a recurring comic strip feature)
Edited by Alfonso D.J. Alfonso
A fanzine dedicated to sword and sorcery fiction, especially the writings of Robert E. Howard, featuring interviews with writers and artists in the field, a poem or two, quality artwork, and fiction.
There were a total of 16 issues. The first issue was called THE CIMMERIAN SCROLL but Conan Properties, Inc. requested a name change.

   Barbarian Scroll #11
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