Austin Volume 3 Number 2
Tom Munnerlyn
Year :
Sepember 1992 
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook
Pages : 28
Cover art : None
Illustrations : None
 Austin Volume 3 Number 2
Other editions: None


"Editorial" by Tom Munnerlyn
The Right Hook Volume 1, Number 1
"Twentieth Century Slave Trade"
"The Great Munney Ring"
"Bookmen and Books"
"Sporting Page"
"Vengeance of a Woman"
"Sordid Sayings of a Simple Sap"
"L'Envoi" (poem, "Live like a wolf then")
The Right Hook Volume 1, Number 2
Untitled "Ho, merry bark" (poem)
Untitled Wrestling Article "Munn! Munn!"
"Le Gentil Homme le Diable"
"John L. Sullivan" (poem)
Untitled Boxing Article "On May 29"
"Famous Sayings" by Truett Vinson
Untitled note about Tevis Clyde Smith:
"The Texas journalist . . ."

Untitled "And Bill, he looked at me" (poem)
"What Is Love?" (poem)
"Jack Dempsey" (poem)
"A Pirut Story"
"Rope" by Herbert C. Klatt (poem)
"L'Envoi" (poem, "Harlots and choir girls")
The Right Hook Volume 1, Number 3
Untitled "This is a young world" (poem)
Untitled "My name is San Culotte"
"My Sentiments, Set to Jazz" (poem)
Untitled Article "I progress slowly in my classification of champions."
"Ringside Tales"
Contains the following two untitled stories:

    Untitled "Marks was a giant."

    Untitled "Science will always beat brute strength."
Untitled Article "I like John L. Sullivan."
"L'Envoi" (poem, "Twilight striding o’er the mountain")
Limited to 30 copies.
Distributed in REHupa mailing #117.
Facsimile reprint of all three issues of THE RIGHT HOOK.