Bran Mak Morn: A Play and Others
Cryptic Publications
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Booklet
Pages : 80
Cover art : Stephen E. Fabian
Illustrations : None
 Bran Mak Morn: A Play and Others  
Other editions:

"Introduction" by Marc A. Cerasini  & Charles Hoffman
"Editor's Note" by Robert M. Price
"Bran Mak Morn"
"The Black Moon"
"The Hand of the Black Goddess"
"Ship in Mutiny"
"The Diablos Trail"
Edited by Robert M. Price
Part of the Chromlech Series
Limited edition of 400 copies.
A further 25 numbered copies were signed by Glenn Lord, Stephen E. Fabian, and Robert M. Price.  
(FIRSTS, July/August 2000)
It has since been reported that there are some copies in existance that were signed by Price and Fabian and some copies signed by Lord and Fabian. It is unclear if they are the same or different runs of 25 copies.
Additionally, the copy numbered 23 is known to be signed only by Stephen E. Fabian and may be indicitive of the state for all 25 numbered copies.