Always Comes Evening 
Arkham House
Year :
Book No. : Arkham House Publication #53
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : 86
Cover art : Frank Utpatel
Illustrations : None
    Always Comes Evenin - Arkham House
Always Comes Evening - Back/Spine   
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Foreword by Glenn Lord
Introduction by Dale Hart
"Always Comes Evening" (poem)
"The Poets" (poem)
"The Singer in the Mist" (poem)
"Solomon Kane's Homecoming" (poem)
"Futility" (poem)
"The Song of the Bats" (poem)
"The Moor Ghost" (poem)
"Recompense" (poem)
"The Hills of Kandahar" (poem)
"Which Will Scarcely Be Understood" (poem)
"Haunting Columns" (poem)
"The Last Hour" (poem)
"Ships" (poem)
"The King and the Oak" (poem)
"The Riders of Babylon" (poem)
"Easter Island" (poem)
"Moon Mockery" (poem)
"Shadows on the Road" (poem)
"The Soul Eater" (poem)
"The Dream and the Shadow" (poem)
"The Ghost Kings" (poem)
"Desert Dawn" (poem)
"An Open Window" (poem)
"Song of a Mad Minstrel" (poem)
"The Gates of Nineveh" (poem)
"Fragment" (poem)
"The Harp of Alfred" (poem)
"Remembrance" (poem)
"Crete" (poem)
"Forbidden Magic" (poem)
"Black Chant Imperial" (poem)
"A Song out of Midian" (poem)
"Arkham" (poem)
"The Voices Waken Memory" (poem)
"Babel" (poem)
"Laughter in the Gulfs" (poem)
"Song at Midnight" (poem)
"The Ride of Falume" (poem)
"Autumn" (poem)
"Dead Man's Hate" (poem)
"One Who Comes at Eventide" (poem)
"To a Woman" (2, poem)
"Emancipation" (poem)
"Retribution" (poem)
"Chant of the White Beard" (poem)
"Rune" (poem)
"The Road of Azrael" (verse heading)
"Song of the Pict" (poem)
"Prince and Beggar" (poem)
"Hymn of Hatred" (poem)
"Invective" (poem)
"Men of the Shadows" (verse heading)
"Babylon" (poem)
"Niflheim" (poem)
"The Heart of the Sea's Desire" (poem)
"A Song of the Don Cossacks" (poem)
"The Gods of Easter Island" (poem)
"Nisapur" (poem)
"Moon Shame" (poem)
"The Tempter" (poem)
"Lines Written in the Realization" (poem)
Verse from the stories
"The Scarlet Citadel" (verse heading)
"Pool of the Black One" (verse heading)
"Kings of the Night" (verse heading)
"Red Blades of Black Cathay" (verse heading)
"The Phoenix on the Sword" (verse heading)
"Queen of the Black Coast" (verse heading)
Of the 636 copies printed, the first 536 were bound with the spines stamped in gilt with author's name and book's title along the spine in the European style – bottom to top. When this was discovered, the final 100 copies had their spines stamped in the American style – top to bottom.
Poems selected by Glenn Lord
First appearances:
"Chant of the White Beard"
"Song of the Pict"
"Prince and Beggar"
"Hymn of Hatred"
"The Heart of the Sea’s Desire"
"Laughter in the Gulfs"
"A Song of the Don Cossacks"
"The Gods of Easter Island"
"Moon Shame"
"The Road of Azrael"