When the Black Lotus Blooms 
Unnameable Press
Year :
November 1990
Book No. :
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ISBN-10: 0934227055 (Trade paperback)
ISBN-10: 0934227063  (Numbered Hardcover)
ISBN-10: 0934227071  (Lettered Hardcover)
ISBN-10: 0934227063  (Presentation Hardcover)
Edition : 1st
Format :
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Trade Paperback
Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover
Lettered Deluxe Limited Edition Hardcover
Presentation Hardcover (not sold)
Pages : 322
Cover art : Jame A. Riley
Illustrations : None
Limited Edition Hardcover
When the Black Lotus Blooms
Trade Paperback
When the Black Lotus Blooms
Other editions:

"The Hour of the Dragon"  (Excerpt only, See Notes)
Non-REH Contents
"Foreword" by Jame A. Riley & Elizabeth A. Saunders
"Introduction" by Robert R. McCammon
"Ninfea" by Kay Marie Porterfield
"The Rift in Autumn" by Thomas E. Fuller
"A Scent Like Silver" by Susan MacTabert
"The Grey Smudge" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"A Case Study" by Donald M. Hassler (poem)
"Marine Passage: Two Mothers" by Jane Yolen (poem)
"Skeleton Key" by Scott H. Urban (poem)
"The Pursuit of Happiness" by Michael N. Langford
"Siren Strains" by Jame A. Riley (poem)
"Assassination Festival 11/22/63"
by Marvin Kaye (poem)
"Door Closing" by Wendy Webb
"Midnight Visit" by Carleton Grindle
"The Lon Chaney Factory" by Brad Linaweaver
"The Ballad of the Faithful Wife"
by Millea Kenin (poem)
"Marker" by Joseph Payne Brennan (poem)
"Dancer in the Dark: Interlude Three"
by Thomas E. Fuller
"Strange High Armadillo in the Mist" by Gerald W. Page
"Dream" by Bobby G. Warner
"Drifting Atoms" by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
"Dream People" by John Grey (poem)
"Late Bloomer" by Janet Fox
"Trick of the Night" by S. K. Epperson (poem)
"On the Blue Guillotine" by Gregory Nicoll
"Red Rover" by Glen Egbert
"The Wind Has Teeth"
by G. Warlock Vance & Scott H. Urban
"Graveyards in the Dark" by S. K. Epperson (poem)
"For Ray" by Michael N. Langford (poem)
"The Old Marsh Road" by Jame A. Riley
"Trip" by Michael N. Langford (poem)
"Pinto Rider" by Charles L. Grant
"Snow Dove" by Brad Strickland
"Carousel" by S. K. Epperson (poem)
"The Window" by Elizabeth Conklin
"Armada Moon" by Thomas E. Fuller (poem)
"Waygift" by Gerald W. Page
"La Belle Dame" by Jack Massa
"Precurser" by Donald M. Hassler (poem)
"The Egret" by Michael Bishop
"Grey Men" by Joseph Payne Brennan (poem)
"Gothic" by Jame A. Riley (poem)
"Not by Blood Alone" by Millea Kenin (poem)
"Moving" by James Robert Smith
Some Info on Contributors
This book has four different editions: 
2200 copies of a trade paperback
350 copies of the numbered limited edition hardcover
52 copies of the lettered deluxe limited edition hardcover
    (in wooden slipcase with 42 signatures)
50 copies of a presentation hardcover (not sold)

On page iii, excerpt from "The Hour of the Dragon"
WEIRD TALES, December 1935

From a carven green jade box he took a handful of shimmering black dust, and placed it in a brazier which stood on a golden tripod at his elbow.

In Stygia, that ancient and evil kingdom that lay far to the south, he had seen such black dust before. It was the pollen of the black lotus, which creates death-like sleep and monstrous dream; and he knew that only the grisly wizards of the Black Ring, which is the nadir of evil, voluntarily seek the nightmares of the black lotus, to revive their necromantic powers.

Edited by Elizabeth A. Saunders