What the Nation Owes to the South
Isaac Mordecai Howard
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Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Single newsprint page
Pages : 1
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        What the Nation Owes to the South
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"What the Nation Owes to the South"

The information below was provided by Patrice Louinet.
Isaac Howard wrote H.P.Lovecraft on 14 Aug 1936:
"P.S. I am mailing you a copy of an essay written by Robert at the age of 17 when he finished high school. The newspaper in which it was published was old, had become faded and rotten and in order to preserve this essay it become [sic] necessary to reprint it so I had a number of sheets printed and am sending you one."
It could be argued that this was the first official Howard publication under his own name.
It is not known how many copies were printed, but it was probably a few dozen copies at most.
As far as Patrice knows, no copy survives other than the one shown which was sent to him as a gift from a descendant of the family.