The Werewolf Hunter #1
Nuelow Games
Year : October 2013    
Book No. : NLC014
Edition : 1st
Format : eBook (pdf)
Pages : 36
Cover art : Margaret Brundage
From WEIRD TALES,  March 1933
Illustrations : Lee Elias, Saul Rosen, Bill Madden, George Tuska

"In the Forest of Villefere"
Non-REH Contents
"The Werewolf Hunter: The New Technique" by Saul Rosen
"The Werewolf Hunter: The Beast of Mardi Gras" by Saul Rosen
"The Werewolf Must Kill" by Lee Elias
"The Rebirth of Lady Satan" by Steve Miller
"Lady Satan: To Catch a Predator" by Bill Madden & George Tuska
"Werewolf Traits for Role Playing Games" by L. L. Hundall & Steve Miller
Open Game License

Editor: Steve Miller & L. L. Hundall

             The Werewolf Hunter #1
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