Weird Tales of Modernity:
The Ephemerality of the Ordinary in the Stories of Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith and H.P. Lovecraft
McFarland & Company
Year : July 2019
Book No. : ISBN-13: 9781476668031 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781476636146 (eBook)
ASIN: B07KQGDFB7 (Kindle)
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade Paperback (5.8 x 9 inches)
eBook (Kindle & Nook)
Pages : vii + 205
Cover design : Ezume Images
Weird Tales of Modernity
Other editions:

1. Introduction
2. Pulp Ekphrasis, History, and Deformation
3. A Real Weird Magazine
4. Clark Ashton Smith and Artistic Form
5. The Failure of Clark Ashton Smith
6. The Cultural Alienation of Robert E. Howard
7.  Robert E. Howard and Rendering the Real and Unreal
8.  Cthulhu is Beautiful
9.  Lovecraft and the Threat of Modernism
10.  Conclusion: Form and Formlessness

Written by Jason Ray Carney
Kindle utilizes the mobi format. Nook utilizes the ePub format.