Verses in Ebony
George Hamilton
Year :
Book No. : Not applicable
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook
(saddle stapled with dust jacket
Pages : 24 including covers
Cover art : D. J. Kirwan
Illustrations : D. J. Kirwan

Other editions:

"Empire: A Song For All Exiles" (poem)
"A Legend of Faring Town" (poem)
"Echoes From An Anvil" (poem)
"The Night Winds" (poem)
"Men Build Them Houses" (poem)
"Viking's Trail" (poem)
"Swamp Murder" (poem)
"Alien" (poem)
"Singing Hemp" (poem)
"The Outgoing of Sigurd the Jerusalem-Farer" (poem)
"To a Friend" (poem)
"Revolt Pagan" (poem)
"To All Lords of Commerce" (poem)
Limited to 263 copies.
Heavy card cover with dust jacket.
Co-published with Dale Brown.
20 copies of this true edition had color covers.
Hamilton did a sample mock-up version in 1974 that consisted of 50 copies and contained poems from the Roy Squires chapbooks instead of the poems used in the true edition.  The mock-up featured a color dustjacket whereas the actual release has a black & white wrapper.