Клинок судьбы (Klinok sud'by)
(The Blade of Fate)
Year : 1998
Book No. : ISBN-10: 5-7906-0053-0
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 448
Cover art : Ken Kelly
Illustrations : Vladislav Asadullin, Kirill Rozhkov
Solomon Kane
"Черепа среди звезд"("Skulls in the Stars")
Translated by I. Roshal
"Десница судьбы" ("The Right Hand of Doom")
Translated by I. Roshal
"Под пологом кровавых теней" ("Red Shadows")
Translated by I. Roshal
"Перестук костей" ("Rattle of Bones")
Translated by I. Roshal
"Луна черепов" ("The Moon of Skulls")
Translated by I. Roshal
"Клинки братства"("Blades of the Brotherhood")
Translated by I. Roshal
"Холмы смерти" ("The Hills of the Dead")
Translated by I. Roshal
"Крылья в ночи" ("Wings in the Night")
Translated by I. Roshal
"Ужас пирамиды" ("The Footfalls Within")
Translated by I. Roshal
Richard Toogood
"Соломон Кейн. Хронология
"Solomon Kane Chronology")
Translated by I. Roshal
Language: Russian
Compiled by Alexander Lidin.
Volume 4 of a 15 book series (1997-1999) that is the most complete works of Robert E. Howard published in Russian. A total of 20 volumes were originally planned.

   Клинок судьбы (The Blade of Fate)
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