The Raven #1
The Sowers of the Thunder
Year :
December 1981
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook (saddle stapled)
Pages : 62
Cover art : Thomas Geissmann
Illustrations : Thomas Geissmann and Thomas Kovacs
   The Raven #1   
Other editions: None

"Träumereien eines Schwachsinnigen" ("Musings of a Moron")
"Das Schwert" ("The Sword")
"Der Mann am Boden" ("The Man on the Ground")
"Todesreiter" ("Death’s Black Riders")
"Stadt der Finsternis" ("The Black City")
"Kublai Khan" (poem) (German & English)
"Empfindsamkeit" ("Sentiment")
"Cimmeria" (poem) (German & English)
"Der schwarze Stein" ("The Black Stone") (verse heading) (German & English)
"Das Ding auf dem Dach" ("The Thing on the Roof") (verse heading) (German & English)
"A sötét kö"  ("The Black Stone") (verse heading) (Hungarian)
"Lópata az éji tetön"  ("The Thing on the Roof") (verse heading) (Hungarian)
"Todesreiter" ("Death’s Black Riders") (verse heading) (English)
"Visions" (poem, English)
"Hope Empty of Meaning" (poem, English)
"Lines Written in the Realization that I Must Die" (poem, English)
Non-REH Contents
Introduction and Indicia, by Stefan Ghilardi & Denes Kovacs
"Robert E. Howard" Part 2 by Thomas Kovacs (article)
(bibliography of Conan, Bran Mak Morn, James Allison, & El Borak)
"Namenlose Kulte" ("Nameless Cults") (article) by Thomas Kovacs
"Headings" by Thomas Kovacs (article)
"Raiders of the Lost Ark"  by Thomas Kovacs (film review)
"Possession"  by Denes Kovacs (film review)
"The Incredible Melting Man" by Denes Kovacs (film review)
"Dragonslayer" by Stefan Ghilardi (film review)
"Escape from New York"  by Martin Yavneh (film review)
"Excalibur" by Stefan Ghilardi (film review)
"The Awakening" by Thomas Kovacs (film review)
"Zombies among Cannibals" by Simon Garth (film review)
"Clash of the Titans"  by Denes Kovacs (film review)
"An American Werewolf in London" by Stefan Ghilardi (film review)
"Star Trek -- The Movie"  by Emanuel Saladin (film review)
"Outland" by Thomas Kovacs (film review)
"Excalibur" by Thomas Kovacs (film review)
"Conan the Barbarian" by Thomas Kovacs (film preview)
"Biobrot"  by Hanspeter Burkhard (satire)
"Drama in 6 Acts" by Ronald J. Amacher (fiction)
Portfolio by Thomas Geissmann
REH Credits by Thomas Kovacs (German & English)

Language: German unless otherwise noted
Print run: 300 copies
German translations by Thomas Kovacs.
Hungarian translations by Barnabas Kovacs, Jr.

Formerly entitled WOLFSHEAD.
A Thomas Kovacs publication.