Terra Fantasy 81: Tempel des Grauens (Temple of Horror) 
Arthur Moewig Verlag GmbH 
Year :
February 1985
Book No. :
ISBN-10: 3811858033 
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 161
Cover art : Mehmet Güllergün
Illustrations : Unknown
    Terra Fantasy 81: Tempel des Grauens (Temple of Horror)      
Other editions:
Erich Pabel Verlag 
Arthur Moewig Verlag (2)

"Tempel des Grauens" ("The Temple of Abomination")
by Robert E. Howard and Richard L. Tierney
Non-REH Content
"Vorwort" ("Forword") by Hugh Walker and Lin Carter
"Arwens Stein" ("The Jewel of Arwen") by Marion Zimmer Bradley
"Das Schwert Dyrnwyn" ("The Sword") by Lloyd Alexander
"Die Versteinerten" ("Jewel Quest") by Hannes Bok
"Der Zweifachturm" ("The Double Tower") by Clark Ashton Smith and Lin Carter
"Der schwarze Falke von Valkarth" ("Black Hawk of Valkarth") by Lin Carter
"Gefangen im Schattenland" ("Trapped in the Shadowland") by Fritz Leiber
"Des Kaisers Fächer" ("The Emperor's Fan") by L. Sprague de Camp
"Das Falkenmatt" ("Falcon's Mate") by Pat McIntosh
"Die Stadt des Wahnsinns" ("The City of Madness") by Charles R. Saunders
"Die siebzehn Jungfrauen" ("The Seventeen Virgins") by Jack Vance
Language: German
Editor: Lin Carter
Translated by Lore Strassl.
German edition of THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY STORIES, DAW Books, October 1975
Reprint of Terra Fantasy 81: Tempel des Grauens (Erich Pabel Verlag KG)

Erich Pabel Verlag and Arthur Moewig Verlag have the same parent company.