Terra Fantasy 3: Herrscher der Nacht (Ruler of the Night)   
Erich Pabel Verlag KG
Year :
January 1975
August 1977  (2nd printing)
Book No. :
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 145
Cover art : Peter Andrew Jones
Illustrations : David Ireland
          Terra Fantasy 3: Herrscher der Nacht (Ruler of the Night)
Other editions:

"Introduction" by Hugh Walker
Foreword by REH, discussing Picts (Excerpted from a letter to HPL, ca. early January 1932 ("Yes I enjoyed the postcards . . .", the excerpt beginning with "There is one hobby of mine . . .")
"Das verschwundene Volk" ("The Lost Race")
"Die im Dunkeln wohnen" ("Men of the Shadows")
Includes "Chant of the White Beard," "Rune," and
"Song of the Pict" as untitled poems.

"Herrscher der Nacht" ("Kings of the Night")
Untitled ("A gray sky arched . . .")   
"Würmer der Erde" ("Worms of the Earth")
"Die Trommeln der Pikten"
("The Drums of Pictdom") (poem)

(Appears in the Author's Foreword)
Language: German
Translated by Eduard Lukschandl
Based on Donald M. Grant's WORMS OF THE EARTH
Includes a map of Bran Mak Morn's world.