Terra Fantasy 29: Herr von Valusien (Lord of Valusia) 
Erich Pabel Verlag KG
Year :
December 1976
August 1979 (2nd printing)

Book No. :
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 145
Cover art : Stephen Fabian
Illustrations : None
           Terra Fantasy 29: Herr von Valusien (Lord of Valusia)
Other editions:

"Foreword" by Hugh Walker
"Der Koenig und die Eiche" ("The King and the Oak")
"Jagd im Land der Schatten"
("Riders Beyond the Sunrise") Completed by Lin Carter
"Herr von Valusien" ("By This Axe I Rule!")
"Verrat am Koenig" ("Swords of the Purple Kingdom")
"Die Spiegel des Tuzun Thune"
("The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune")
"Epilogue" ("The Hyborian Age: Epilog")
"Rotaths Fluch" ("The Curse of the Golden Skull")
"So hebt mieb . . ." ("All fled, all done . . .") (poem)
Taken from the poem "The House of Caesar" by Viola Garvin.

Language: German
Translated by Edward Lukschandl except "The King and the Oak" which was translated by Ludwig Rief.
The first six lines of “The King and the Oak” which were discarded by Howard before the final version are embodied in the Foreword.