Terra Fantasy 17: Rächer der Verdammten (Avenger of the Damned) 
Erich Pabel Verlag KG
Year :
January 1976
Fall 1978  (2nd printing)
Book No. :
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 142
Cover art : Alan Weiss (See notes)
Illustrations : None
      Terra Fantasy 17: Rächer der Verdammten (Avenger of the Damned)    
Other editions:

"Foreword" by Hugh Walker
"Die Hand des Rächers" ("The Right Hand of Doom")
"Königreich des Schreckens" ("The Moon of Skulls")
"Schwarze Schwingen" ("Wings in the Night")
"Das Idol" ("The Dark Man")
Language: German
Translated by Eduard Lukschandl
The cover painting is adapted from the splash page art of the Solomon Kane story "Castle of the Undead" by Roy Thomas, Alan Weiss, and The Crusty Bunkers that appeared in DRACULA LIVES #3, October 1973.